Uh oh, you found the secret stash

In addition to my day job, I also run a blog called MassHipHop that displays up and coming hip hop artists from Massachusetts.


Below are a few sample display banners that I designed while working at CommCreative over the past 6 years.

NewBridge on the Charles

NewBridge on the Charles, an upscale assisted living residence, needed to generate more interest in their cottage properties. An integrated direct campaign was created with a very creative graphic approach utilizing numbers to convey all the benefits.

Scituate Federal Savings Bank

This South Shore bank wanted a highly visible campaign that would quickly generate interest for their new checking account.

Nitro Security

NitroSecurity develops the industry's fastest analytical tools to identify, correlate and remediate information security threats in minutes instead of hours.

Savings Bank Life Insurance

SBLI has the largest amount of life insurance in force in the state of Massachusetts. Here are a couple static banners that were created to run on Middlesex Savings Bank's homepage.

Web Experience Forum

The Web Experience Forum is focused solely on helping you improve the web experience for your own website or your clients'. Dozens of sessions with speakers from Microsoft, TiVO, Fluid, National Hockey League, Netvibes, TripAdvisor, Citigroup, and more.